Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Video Review: Designing Original Games | Daniel Cook

I would like to try something new with this post. Previously I've shared my reviews on books useful to those in the video game industry, but I find myself watching a great deal more lectures in video than reading books. Starting with this post, I am going to share quick overviews and reviews of informational videos that I find around the web.

This first video review focuses on "Designing Original Games," a speech given by Spry Fox's Daniel Cook at Casual Connect 2012 in Seattle. I ran across this video as an embedded comment on an insightful post on

In this video, Daniel Cook shares tips and strategies for breaking genre paradigms and creating enitrely new game mechanics and systems. Daniel shares things that he and Spry Fox have done to train their minds to generate new ideas, rather than leaning on tried-and-true methods of player interaction. This video gave me insight into how to approach game design with an eye toward innovation and creativity from the start, rather than starting with a proven genre and adapting it to stand out.

Notable Byte: If you make a game in a standard genre, there will always be players who prefer your competitors' offerings. If you make something completely unique, every player will have to play your game for that specific experience.