Monday, October 1, 2012

Video Review - "Game Design with Will Wright"

My last video review met with excellent reviews, so I'm going to charge ahead with another! In this post I review "Game Design with Will Wright," from a speech Mr. Wright gave at SD Forum in 2003. Even though the video and examples contained therein are a bit dated, the concepts shared in the video are timeless.

In this lecture, Will goes into detail about what it takes to achieve emergence in game design. Simply put, emergence refers to a paradoxical concept that arises when a system with a simple and straightforward ruleset and constraints can provide seemingly limitless opportunities for unique experiences. Will Wright is the king of emergence, creating franchises like SimCity and the Sims, which can be learned in a single day and yet can continue to surprise players with new experiences after months or years of play. This is a definate must-watch for anyone strategizing on ways to take their gameplay design to a higher level.