Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Video Review: John Lasseter - A Day in a Life

Last night I watched a very inspirational short documentary that follows Pixar/Walt Disney Animation Studio director and chief creator John Lasseter through a typical day in his life. Specifically, the video shows John making numerous directorial decisions regarding the movie Cars 2.

At first, I found the video to be a bit shallow -- while it was entertaining to see John's model trains and a bit disgusting to see his collection of nearly 400 shirts, I felt that the video lacked the substance that I was hoping for. However, that all changed when I caught a true gem of inspiration near the end of the video. At it's core, this is a video about a man who truly loves what he does each day. He is truly passionate about what he creates, and he says that every day he is thrilled to go to work and see what new things he can discover. This quick documentary is a must watch for anyone who needs a bit of inspiration and motivation to leave a dead-end job and follow a dream!


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